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Customer Reviews

Fred D.

Thank you guys for the amazing car for my girlfriend. At first she was a bit worried, she knew our credit wasn’t the best and the car looked really expensive. She didn’t believe I bought it for only $2500 until I showed her my account on Austin Auto Auction.

Apr 23rd 2016

Macey V.

I was tired of leasing, so I found a new method of buying cars, I am talking about Austin Auto Auction. There is always something interesting that matches my needs on the website, starting with small cars and ending with Vans, now I can always count that this car selling platform will find something for me. Thank you!

March 14th 2016

Emily C.

I am subscribed to Austin Auto Auction for 2 years now, but last week was the first time I bought a car here. Everything happened very fast! I chose the Acura I wanted, purchased it, payed for the post-sale inspection and after the results came payed for the car. Highly satisfied.

Jan 7th 2017
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